Here on the blog of Nora’s official website we will now be sharing news and announcements of our space, featuring the various work of our artists, and many other musings related to upcoming projects, activities and collaborations!

Activity and growth:
2015 was a busy year for Officine Nora. Being that it was our first full year of activity, we experimented with many different events and activities in hopes to engage with our neighborhood of Santo Spirito, neighboring artisans and artists, and Florentine jewelry lovers at large!
As of now, Officine Nora is made up of six permanent artisti orafi: three Italians (Margherita de Martino Norante – owner; Valentina Caprini; Francesca Zanuccoli), one Slovenian (Martina Lončar), one from Japan (Arata Fuchi), and our newest from the United States (Kellie Riggs). These artists make all their work in very diverse ways, so keep checking back for future posts that will showcase individual pieces and making processes of them all.
Some of our most successful moments of 2015:
•The Souvenir workshop that coincided with Florence Jewellery Week; we invited the public into the lab and helped them transform the Italian ten cents (with Botticelli’s Venus) into a jewel to take home.
•The Blogs and Crafts event at the Artigianato e Palazzo, Giardino Corsini where Margherita made pieces in front of a live crowd.
•Valentina was selected to exhibit at the Mostra dell’Artigianato at the Fortezza da Basso called Nuovi Artigiani dal Furturo.
•We got a real logo! In thanks to New York based graphic designer Kyla Paolucci.
•Martina had two shows in Ljubljana: one at the National History Museum: Light Captured in Stone; and another at the MOTA. At the same time she had an exhibition at the museum Ugo Carrà, Muggia called Filo Rosso.
•Valentina was a part of the Rosso exhibition at gallery Carta Vetra, here in Florence.
•We had a Holiday Sale here in Nora’s quaint exhibition space where new works from all of our permanent jewelry designers and artists were debuted; Francesca’s work seemed to be the most popular selling out of almost everything.
•We got our 6th permanent artist in the studio, Kellie, who has shown internationally and is the editor of contemporary jewelry magazine, Current Obsession.
•And we are very proud to share the news that one of Arata’s pieces has been acquired by the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in NYC !

As you all know we’re already well into the new year and we’ve been busy!
In January you might have seen all of us at the Museo Bellini for the event Jewellery Selection put on by the group, Formal Attire. There we created a beautiful stand in collaboration with Castorina, an artisanal woodworking bottega in Via Santo Spirito – showcasing some of our most artistic pieces.
Expect to see more participation in external events from us this year, in Florence and beyond!
•April 2016: look for us in Milano at the DIN – Design In, part of Fuori Salone in the Ventura Lambrate area.
•Margherita and Valentina have been selected to showcase pieces in the 9th edition of the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, April – September.
•Some of the works of Martina, Vale and Marghe will also be on sale at the Textile Museum in Prato.
Also, look for us in the Florentine’s February issue!

Changes in the space:
Within the last year we’ve also made some big improvements in the lab to create a better functioning shared studio space.
In addition to these six long-term occupied benches for rent, we are happy to say that now we have six more short-term rental spaces available for individual working, short workshops and private lessons! Soon we’ll be making post dedicated to this information.
Other improvements to the space that we are currently in the process of realizing are a shop online, and new display set-ups in the exhibition space. More on this soon as well.
And if you’re not an artist or a jeweler looking for space to rent in Florence, then you must be a jewelry enthusiast!

From Feb. 1 to Feb. 14 we are having a Valentine’s day sale! Many of our favorite jewels are on sale from 10-50%.
Valentina is also offering private lessons using filigree in case you want to make a jewel with your own two hands for your lover! Check our Facebook pages for details.
And don’t forget our operating shop hours!
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 15.30-19.30
Tuesday, Thursday: 10.00-13.00
Or by appointment! 055 9758930 [email protected]

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