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About a month ago two lady friends made an appointment here at Officine Nora to come and have a look at our jewelry. They were looking for a unique and customized wedding gift; a brooch for the bride, and a pair of cufflinks for the groom, none of which we had available at the time because they wanted certain initials to be interlocking in the design. A commission was in order! Three of us decided to go ahead and try our hands at designing these special pieces for the clients. Our next appointment  was in two weeks time were we presented each of our unique ideas, and in the end they chose Valentina’s design of filigree, which is pictured below. and thus, the Atelier was born!

Do you have a unique gift idea for a close friend or family member but can’t quite find what you’re looking for?

Do you have old jewelry you no longer wear and would like to repurpose the metal and stones to make something new?

Do you need multiple pieces made of one design for a wedding party that you can’t find anywhere else?

Then come make an appointment with us to discuss your dream commission!   You will work together with one or more of us to realize the right jewels for you. Each one of us is specialized in different goldsmithing techniques including filagree, hand engraving, metal crocheting, wax working, keum-boo, stone setting, and more !

055 97 58930  or email [email protected] with the subject ATELIER





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