Martina Lončar, 7th October 1985, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

After graduating in Art History in Ljubljana, I studied at goldsmith school Scuola Orafa  Ambrosiana in Milan and then trained in the Cradle of Goldsmiths in Florence. My education has been traditional, however, combined with my passion for experiments and unconventional materials, I have evolved my own interpretation of  jewellery.

My passion is to find a form that corresponds to the concept, function and beauty.

Today I live and work between Ljubljana and Florence.

If you feel like asking something or just want to start a debate about my work or collaboration, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Martina Loncar - Transformer as necklace
Martina Loncar - Souvenir
Martina Loncar - Transformer as ring
Martina Loncar - Minimal collection