Officine Nora is an idea that started forming in my mind soon after I  graduated from jewelry school.

I wanted to maintain the habit of comparing techniques and pieces and exchanging ideas with other artists, with different eyes and sensibilities. I wanted to make the most of all the different aspects of the jewelry world I had studied, creating a space where I could not only make my pieces but also sell them, teach, research and learn from other jewelry makers.

Florence, my hometown, felt like the perfect place for this. This city is still famous worldwide for its creative spirit and the skills of its artisans and luckily it still attracts a healthy and lively international community. Here, in the artisans' neighborhood, I found, bought and renovated a former precision mechanics workshop.

The first part of the name Officine Nora alludes to the old production workshop but it’s used in its plural form to suggest the fact that several subjects are operating individually but in the same place. Nora is part of my surname but could also be an acronym for “Nuovi” (new) “ORAfi” (goldsmiths), to mark the contrast with the old goldsmiths’ attitude to keep their techniques secret.

O.N. is a place to work, learn, test your products and ideas, compare them with different ones, different feelings, approaches, and careers, to finally find your voice and your place.

Margherita de Martino Norante

Little piece
Little piece
Little piece