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Aurea 5 • earrings

190 €

by Margarita Malliri

Pebbles are elements that exist on the limits between land and water where they undergo a continuous transformation. Through the application of hammering techniques, this collection seeks to explore the volume and the shape of the forms. All pieces are hollow, thus creating a game through movement, sound and the illusion of weight.

The Aurea 5 earrings introduce the aesthetics of classical, "pearl-like" jewellery into a contemporary context.

They are 5,5 cm long and consist of 5 small pebbles linked with a silver wire, which enables a gentle movement. Their hollow forms create a light and elegant piece of jewellery.

You could find them also in variations of 8 or 3 pieces.

  • Sterling Silver
  • Silver

Since the pieces of this collection are hollow, it would be better not to wear them while you take a bath, as water may remain inside. If it does, it will eventually go away or evaporate, but that could accelarate the oxidation process of the piece.

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Geometric little piece
Geometric little piece
Geometric little piece
Geometric little piece