Arata Fuchi


My work finds inspiration from the Japanese sense of beauty, that is ‘beauty of form that nature, not artifice creates’ and the ‘vitality of nature’. To express this, I developed the ancient technique of South Korea that is called Kum-Bu (Keum-Boo) in my own way. From trial and error, I created an original technique I call pulverization. In this technique, the surface of the piece is covered with silver powder that makes it rough and irregular. With this irregular shadow, a peculiar feeling is expressible. Pulverization: An original technique used to apply silver(metal) powder. First, the base is formed with silver plate and silver powder is sprinkled on it. Then silver powder and plate are fixed with heat. Kum-Bu(Keum-Boo): An ancient Korean gilding technique used to apply thin sheets of gold to silver. Accomplished by first depleting the surface of sterling silver to bring up a thin layer of fine silver. Then 24ct gold foil is applied with heat and pressure. I developed this technique. I use a 24ct gold wire.