Margherita de Martino Norante

Margherita de Martino Norante


I like making single standing pieces of jewelry or small series of unique pieces. They are all different but they all stem from the idea that a piece of jewelry talks about its wearer, thus raising questions about the importance of how we choose to appear.

A piece of jewelry is a powerful medium. It is worn on the body or on top of clothing so it's directly between ourselves and the world. Not only it is the first thing in our look to catch the eye of others, but more than clothes, it is frivolous by nature and requires a very specific and deliberate choice in order to be worn. Why do you wear your jewelry?


I was born and I live in Florence where I graduated with a degree in industrial design before specializing in jewelry at Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School, in Florence, Italy, under Manfred Bischoff.

I exhibited my work worldwide, including in major shows like the “W.Women in Italian Design” at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan and Schmuck in Munich, and some of my pieces are part of international private collections.

I currently live and work between Florence and Milan. Since I got out of school I have been interested in shared spaces, collective projects and I've been researching different work practices. In 2014 I founded Officine Nora, which is where I make my works, find my peace and always new challenges.