Meret Pérez


“I dedicate every single one of my creations to the natural world. I grew up immersed in it.

With my brand I aim to retribute to mother earth for the dearest memories of my childhood. 

I wish to stay close to her by constantly getting inspired by its wonders and providing conscious and ethically handmade produced goods.”


Born in Zurich, her life unfolds between two worlds that complement each other. Switzerland teaches her the art of quality and precision meanwhile her beloved Colombia nurtures her creative spirit to experiment.

She grows up surrounded by her parents’ passion for art, cultivating the artist within already present in her family blood from generations before.

She graduates with the diploma of jewellery from Le Arti Orafe jewellery school in Florence, Italy. It is there where the real fusion occurs, where she finds the space to bring together the identities of her two worlds.