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Antiphates • ring

160 €

by Meret Pérez

The Antipathes Ring is the unique piece you’ve been looking for. Its harmonious shape resembles and was inspired by naturally geometric corals living under the sea.

Made in sterling silver, its tiny shiny spheres decorate and bring life to a piece inspired by life itself. 

At the moment the Antiphates ring is available in the Oxidized version.

  • Sterling Silver
  • Oxydized silver

At the moment this ring is available only in size 12 ITA. Due to the fact that it's open on the top, the size can be slightly adjusted. Please get in touch before the purchase if you want your Antipathes Ring size adjusted.

Pay particular attention to clothing with delicate fabrics so as not to snag the ring on them, given the irregularities of the surface.

For the Golden version:
We recommend to avoid contact with lotions, perfumes, or other cosmetics. Avoid contact with water, as the gold plating is a thin layer and could fade. When not wearing the piece, store in the provided jewelry box.

For the Oxidized version:
If worn regularly it should not need specific care. If the top of the spheres loose their lustre due to lack of use, with fingers or a small brush gently rub a bit of baking soda mixed with water on the surface.

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Geometric little piece
Geometric little piece